“Structurally his work is commanding with an affinity to mixing media and techniques. Michael’s works include abstracts, sculptural pieces and unique figurative matter; all reflections of his avid interest in unusual distorted forms”
As featured in World of Interiors magazine


Michael Howells was born in Pretoria, South Africa. After completing his schooling, he went on to study at Pretoria Art College where he majored in Fine Art and Commercial Art. He was fortunate enough to study painting under the guidance of Robert Hodgins, a renowned South African artist, which left an indelible impression on him whilst fueling his life long interest in the arts.

After completing Art College, Michael’s working career was spent in Advertising as a Creative Director.

In 1990, Michael and his family moved to Cape Town where he was able to focus on painting full time. It was also during this period that he began experimenting with resin sculptural pieces.

More recently his works, both paintings and sculptures, are reflections of his avid interest in unusual forms - from the organic plant world and by distorting the human figure.

Michael and his family made the move to the UK in 2014 where he has been actively expanding on his style and working on creating a large collection of pieces.

His early influences are Francis Bacon, Willem de Kooning and sculptures by Moore and Armitage. 
South African influences have been Jane Alexander and William Kentridge.

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